Time to relax

The Romans were the first to discover the important beneficial effects of water; it meant hygiene and health. A healthy mind equaled a healthy body. So do as the Romans do and take time to relax, treat your body to something special and have fun in one of the several Thermal baths or outdoor hot springs that the magnificent Tuscan countryside has to offer.

A romantic day out with your partner or time for yourself, if you are with the kids, do not worry the indoor and outdoor pools are perfect for the entire family. While the kids splash around, take it easy in one of the hot thermal water pools.

Salus Per Aqua

If you just want a relaxing day out, there are various places you can go, that are only an hour’s drive from La Torre. A bathing costume and your favorite flip-flops are all you need; the Spa or Thermal centre will provide you with the rest.


Terme San Giovanni

Via Terme San Giovanni, 52 – Rapolano Terme (SI)

Tel. 0577 724030


50 Km dal Relais La Torre – 50 min


Terme Antica Querciolaia

Via Trieste, 22 – Rapolano Terme (SI)

Tel. 0577 724091


50 Km dal Relais La Torre – 50min