The Arezzo Antiques Fair

The Antiques Fair takes place in Arezzo every first weekend of the month. Piazza Grande and the other streets of the historical centre will be full of exhibitors from all over Italy and abroad, and visitors can discover a truly impressive variety of items and objects from different periods of history, as well as vintage clothes and collecting modern art.


Two days at La Torre – Special dinner in the Vinsantaia and “Caratelli opening”, 19-20 Dicembre 2015

The starring role will be palyed by our Vinsanto, and you will experience One of the most exciting and long-awaited moments, when we finally open the “caratelli “. It happens once every year!

Together with our enologist you will taste the new vintages of Vinsanto and the traditional Tuscan cantuccini cookies.

Dinner will be served in the Vinsantaia and tables will be surrounded by the small barrels where Vinsanto ages.

During the two days there will be a wine class and a light lunch with our homemade organic products.


Our Itineraries

The province of Arezzo is divided into four valleys: Valtiberina, Valdichiana, Casentino, and Valdarno-Superiore. We have studied six different itineraries, to help you explore and familiarize with the surrounding valleys; they are all one-day trips:


Time to relax

The Romans were the first to discover the important beneficial effects of water; it meant hygiene and health. A healthy mind equaled a healthy body. So do as the Romans do and take time to relax, treat your body to something special and have fun in one of the several Thermal baths or outdoor hot springs that the magnificent Tuscan countryside has to offer.


A day out shopping in and around Arezzo, a shopping maniac’s paradise if you know where to go.

Religious sightseeing

The mystical landscape and the isolated and secluded monasteries once attracted artists and poets. They would come here seeking inspiration; they were inspired by the thick vegetation of the surrounding forests and by the many fascinating stories of monks, saints, and pilgrims that faced countless difficulties:  crossed rivers, climbed over hills, tackled ragged mountain peaks, in order to reach the sanctuary.

Chianti Tour. The hills surrounding Siena.

The Chianti district of Siena is the southernmost area of the entire Chianti region. This district includes the 4 communes of Castellina in Chianti, Radda in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti and Castelnuovo Berardenga.


Biking along the Canale Maestro della Chiana

Do not miss the experience of seeing a piece of Tuscany by bike. So get ready to pedal along the canale maestro (the most important tributary of the River Chiana) that connects Arezzo to Chiusi, a bike path 62 kilometres long that will take you on a journey through nature and history. If that sounds like hard work and you want to take it easy you could always consider taking the train (bike facilities are available onboard).


The Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is one of the most visited museums in the world together with the Vatican museums in Rome. Even if you have already been to Florence in the past, the gallery is always worth a second visit, you could always try a guided tour with one of the museum’s art-experts. Visiting the museum with a guide is an eye opening and stimulating experience thanks to the many anecdotes and curiosities, they have to tell about the paintings and the artists on show. Learning the facts behind the masterpiece will make you admire them under a new perspective; a bit like discovering the painting for the first time.


The Palio of Siena

The Palio of Siena is a bareback horse race and it is one of the oldest and most famous medieval revocations. It is held twice a year: the first race, known as the Palio of Provenzano ( held in honour of the Madonna of Provenzano) is run on the 2nd of July  and the second race, known as the Palio of the Assumption ( commemorating the assumption of the vergin Mary)  is run on the 16th of August.


The Saracen Joust Arezzo

The Saracen Joust is an ancient jousting tournament that takes place in Arezzo, twice a year: on the third Saturday of June and on the first Sunday of September. The tournament held in June is called the Saracino of San Donato and is dedicated to the patron saint of Arezzo; it is disputed in nocturnal while the September edition is held in the afternoon.