“The house in the country” is the shelter and tranquillity for the wayfarer, “a small vegetable plot” is the laboriously worked land that offers genuine and seasonal produce, “a source” is the well water that restores the daily fatigues and “the copse” is the warmth of wood and of the reserved hospitality.

The “La Torre” complex was the fortified part of the small village of Chiassa Superiore, the former early medieval Longobard defensive castle, mentioned as far back as 1163 in a diploma of Federico Barbarossa: “Castrum etiam turris de classe”. The various constructions are composed on a fulcrum of a paved internal space; this manorial system connects the main residence with the farm annexes, where today the five suites are located, and with the chapel of which the present structure dates from 1756.


The structure consists of five suites, an independent single villa named “Baiellina”,
an old “Torrino”, a pool, a reception and a shop selling home-farm produce and hand crafted items. The rooms feature the original jambs, stones and architraves in an “imperfect harmony” with internet, satellite TV and air conditioning.


la fattoria

Since more Than 10 years our family has been producing goods from our land in a total respect of the organic method for the ethics of our story,of who works here and for who tastes our products,in an every day committent trying to improve our selves to satisfy our customers expectations and be proud of what we make.


Chianti DOCG

Wine made from Sangiovese. Ideal served alongside game, red meat dishes, and hard cheeses.

Macchione IGT

Wine made from a blend of sangiovese and merlot, left to mature fifteen months in small French tonneaux, then bottled and stored horizontally in the cellar for several months. Ideal with grilled meat, game, cold cuts, and hard cheeses.

Vinsanto di caratello DOC

Liquorous amber-coloured dessert wine, made from selected white grapes (Tuscan Malvasia, Trebbiano, Cannaiolo and San Colombano) that have a persistent fruity flavour with hints of honey.


Relais La Torre


Loc. Chiassa Superiore
52100 Arezzo – Italia
tel/fax: +39 0575 361722
GPS: 43.535078, 11.902742